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Proxy Voting


Proxy Voting and Guidelines

The Board of Trustees of the Funds has adopted the Proxy Voting Policy and Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) for the voting of proxies for securities held by any Funds.

Under the Guidelines, the responsibility for voting proxies generally is delegated to Loomis Sayles, the investment adviser. Decisions regarding the voting of proxies shall be made solely in the interest of the Fund and its shareholders. The adviser shall exercise its fiduciary responsibilities to vote proxies with respect to the Fund's investments that are managed by that adviser in a prudent manner in accordance with the Guidelines and the proxy voting policies of the adviser. Proposals that, in the opinion of the adviser, are in the best interests of shareholders are generally voted “for” and proposals that, in the judgment of the adviser, are not in the best interests of shareholders are generally voted “against.” The adviser is responsible for maintaining certain records and reporting to the Audit Committee of the Trust in connection with the voting of proxies. Upon request for reasonable periodic review as well as annual reporting to the SEC, the adviser shall make available to each Fund, or Natixis Advisors, each Fund’s administrator, the records and information maintained by the adviser under the Guidelines.

Loomis Sayles uses the services of third parties (“Proxy Voting Service(s)”), to research and administer the vote on proxies for those accounts and funds for which Loomis Sayles has voting authority. One of Loomis Sayles’ Proxy Voting Services, Glass, Lewis & Company (“Glass Lewis”) provides vote recommendations and/or analysis to Loomis Sayles based on Glass Lewis’ own research. Loomis Sayles will generally follow its express policy with input from Glass Lewis unless Loomis Sayles Proxy Committee (the “Proxy Committee”) determines that the client’s best interests are served by voting otherwise.

All issues presented for shareholder vote will be considered under the oversight of the Proxy Committee. All non-routine issues will be directly considered by the Proxy Committee and, when necessary, the equity analyst following the company and/or the portfolio manager of a Fund holding the security, and will be voted in the best investment interests of the Fund. All routine issues will be voted according to Loomis Sayles’ policy approved by the Proxy Committee unless special factors require that they be considered by the Proxy Committee and, when necessary, the equity analyst following the company and/or the portfolio manager of a Fund holding the security. Loomis Sayles’ Proxy Committee has established these routine policies in what it believes are the best investment interests of Loomis Sayles’ clients.

The specific responsibilities of the Proxy Committee, include, (1) developing, authorizing, implementing and updating Loomis Sayles’ proxy voting procedures (the “Procedures”), including an annual review of the Procedures, existing voting guidelines and the proxy voting process in general, (2) oversight of the proxy voting process including oversight of the vote on proposals according to the predetermined policies in the voting guidelines, directing the vote on proposals where there is reason not to vote according to the predetermined policies in the voting guidelines or where proposals require special consideration, and consultation with the portfolio managers and analysts for the Fund(s) holding the security when necessary or appropriate, (3) periodic sampling or engaging an outside party to sample proxy votes to ensure they comply with the Procedures and are cast in accordance with the clients’ best interests,and, (4) engagement and oversight of third-party vendors, including Proxy Voting Services including:

  • (i) determining whether a Proxy Voting Service has the capacity and competency to adequately analyze proxy issues by considering:
    • a. the adequacy and quality of the Proxy Voting Service’s staffing and personnel, and
    • b. the robustness of the Proxy Voting Service’s policies and procedures regarding its ability to ensure that its recommendations are based on current and accurate information and to identify and address any relevant conflicts of interest,
  • (ii) providing ongoing oversight of Proxy Voting Services to ensure that proxies continue to be voted in the best interests of clients,
  • (iii) receiving and reviewing updates from Proxy Voting Services regarding relevant business changes or changes to Proxy Voting Services’ conflict policies and procedures, and
  • (iv) in the event that the Proxy Committee becomes aware that a Proxy Voting Service’s recommendation was based on a material factual error, investigating the error, considering the nature of the error and the related recommendation, and determining whether the Proxy Voting Service has taken reasonable steps to reduce the likelihood of similar errors in the future.

Loomis Sayles has established several policies to ensure that proxy votes are voted in its clients’ best interest and are not affected by any possible conflicts of interest. First, except in certain limited instances, Loomis Sayles votes in accordance with its pre-determined policies set forth in the Procedures. Second, where these Procedures allow for discretion, Loomis Sayles will generally consider the recommendations of Glass Lewis in making its voting decisions. However, if the Proxy Committee determines that Glass Lewis’ recommendation is not in the best interest of its clients, then the Proxy Committee may use its discretion to vote against Glass Lewis’ recommendation, but only after taking the following steps: (1) conducting a review for any material conflict of interest Loomis Sayles may have and, (2) if any material conflict is found to exist, excluding anyone at Loomis Sayles who is subject to that conflict of interest from participating in the voting decision in any way. However, if deemed necessary or appropriate by the Proxy Committee after full prior disclosure of any conflict, that person may provide information, opinions or recommendations on any proposal to the Proxy Committee. In such event the Proxy Committee will make reasonable efforts to obtain and consider, prior to directing any vote information, opinions or recommendations from or about the opposing position on any proposal.

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